Friday, 06.10.2017 - Saturday, 07.10.2017

Young Leaders Generation III attends workshop on “Communication skills” in Nablus

Last weekend our Young Leaders Generation III came together in Nablus for their second workshop. The youths from all over Palestine learned everything about and practiced “communication skills” in a series of discussions, lectures and several group activities on 6 and 7 October.

Photo: FES Palestine

After the first workshop conducted in Jericho focused on the basics of leadership, our Young Leaders were now engaging with all forms of communication as they appear in our daily life and communication as the core of every personal interaction.

During several group work sessions our participants developed their own ideas on how to improve communication among each other and by what communication is influenced, as for instance different cultural, religious or educational backgrounds. Further enriching our workshop two former Young Leaders from Generation II paid our group a visit and shared their experiences with the program, as well as introducing the newcomers to the structure of the initiative projects every Young Leader has the chance to develop.

In order to make our participants more familiar with the historic sites in Palestine, the group also took some time to explore the area around Nablus. Beside a historic mosque, the Young Leaders visited the ancient site of “Sebastia”, which is one of the oldest evidences for Roman presence in the country, which everybody found very enjoyable.

After all, our Young Leaders did not only use the workshop to improve their communication and leadership skills, but moreover and just as importantly to socialize as a group.


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