Economic and Social Policy

The Sustainable economic development in the Palestinian Territories is essential to state building and stability in the region. The hindering of the free movement of goods and people and the limited authority of the Palestinian National Authority in recent years has significantly weakened the economic and social situation in the West Bank and Gaza. In light of this, the work of the FES focuses on its cooperation with its partner organizations to tackle central economic issues.

Together with our partner BISAN we support the business management system and we treasure our relationship to local trade unions, building strong ties to German ones. Additional partners in this field comprise various Palestinian trade unions.


Two sides of the same coin, with two conflicting narratives.


القاء الضوء على منظومة التعليم والتدريب المهني في قطاع غزة وإمكانية تطويرها مع الجهات ذات العلاقة


An overview of the various Palestinian neighborhoods that make up East Jerusalem, describes their current situation and shows how Israeli policies…


The majority of Palestinians said they believe in the importance of holding legislative and presidential elections


تعتقد الاغلبية من الفلسطينيون بأهمية إجراء إنتخابات تشريعية ورئاسية



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