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11. International Dialogue  
International Dialogue FES offers its Palestinian partners working in the fields of politics and research the ability to express their perspectives on current issues in national and international…  
12. Publications of partner organizations  
Publications of partner organizations  
13. Privacy Policy  
Privacy Policy Data Protection The Friedrich Ebert Foundation attaches the greatest importance to the protection of your personal data. It adheres strictly to the legal provisions governing the…  
Prospects for the Development of IT Sector in Gaza Strip
The ICT sector is the most promising sector locally and globally with the existence of incubating environments directed to stimulate the acquisition of the necessary expertise and skills  
The Reality of Social Protection in Gaza Strip
Social protection in Palestine differs from many societies due to its connection to the Palestinian / Israeli political scene  
The Reality of Housing Sector in Gaza Strip
What are the challenges faced by the housing sector and the recommendations put forward?  
Food Security in Gaza Strip
The reality of securing food in light of the global food crisis  
Relation Between Population Growth in the Gaza Strip and the Challenges Facing Various Sectors, As Well As Possible Solutions
All indicators at the various levels, including economic and social are quite negative and life seems rapidly going much worse than ever  
Vocational Education in the Gaza Strip Within the Local Labor Market
Discussing the development possibilities of vocational education and training sector in Gaza Strip  
Shrinking Spaces in Palestinian Neighborhoods | Israeli Efforts to Consolidate Control in East Jerusalem
An overview of the various Palestinian neighborhoods that make up East Jerusalem, describes their current situation and shows how Israeli policies affect them due to settlement activities and plans  
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