Saturday, 21.07.2018

Strategic Planning of the General Federation of Independent Labor Unions (GIFLU)

On July 21, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), in cooperation with its new partner the General Federation of Independent Labor Unions (GFILU), conducted a workshop on the topic of “Strategic Planning of the General Federation of Independent Labour Unions (GIFLU)”.

Photo: FES Palestine

The workshop was facilitated by FES Program Manager Nidal Alayasa and the GFILU General Secretary Mahmoud Ziadah. After introducing  GFILU and providing background on labor movements in Palestine, the participants received input on the current situation of Palestinian Economy, including facts about the GDP per capita, unemployment rates in West Bank and Gaza and the average household expenditure of Palestine.

Taking the introduction on Palestinian economy and labor movements into consideration, the participants were encouraged to discuss scenarios for changing the Palestinian economic system or structure. Furthermore, the participants vividly discussed changing the global economic system and socioeconomic aspects, such as distribution of resources and power in Palestine.

We would like to thank all the participants for taking part in the workshop and contributing to a successful kick-off event of our cooperation.


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