FES-Shabibeh Workshops on International Relations and Communication

FES Palestine held a total of four three-day workshops in cooperation with its partner Shabibeh-Fatah’s International Relations Unit this year. A total of 15 young political activists were encouraged to analyse and critically assess the work of international organizations and international law out of a Palestinian and international perspective.

Further, participants developed an understanding for international reporting and media coverage. The participants dealt with these topics on both a theoretical and a practical level.

The first workshop held in July provided background knowledge on International Relations in the context of Fatah, taking into account the different phases of the Middle East conflict. Moreover, the link between Social Democracy, Fatah and social movements in the Middle East region was a topic of debate and international political networks like the Progressive Alliance or the Socialist International were discussed.

During a second workshop held in August the participants prepared a model-UN-like simulation, which was conducted during a third workshop. The simulation deepened the participants’ knowledge regarding international institutions and decision making processes within the United Nations (UN).

The last workshop, held in September and hosted by Dr. Amjad Abu El Ezz, focused on an analysis of domestic Palestinian issues. Taking these issues into account, the workshop dealt with the work and involvement of international organizations like the European Union or the UN in Palestine as well as their decision making processes. Additionally, the role of journalism and the media in general and selected problems, like limits to freedom of expression, were discussed.


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