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Work in the time of Corona

In a time of global pandemic, the Palestinian economy has been put on lockdown. Without a financial safety net workers seem to be in for a fight for…

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Will the International Criminal Court (ICC) rule over alleged war crimes in Palestine?

After four years of preliminary examinations, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in December 2019 decided to open an…

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The Blocking of 59 News Websites Brings the PA under Fire from Within and Without

A Ramallah court’s decision to block 59 news websites in the West Bank has drawn sharp criticism from inside and outside the Palestinian government.…

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Bundestag’s Resolution on BDS Sparks Widespread Outrage

The Bundestag’s adopted a resolution equating the BDS movement with anti-Semitism. This step infused extreme and immediate reactions across the…

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During the Latest Escalation between Gaza and Israel, the Palestinian Authority Remains Silent Again

In another cycle of violence in Gaza, the PA has remained unable to exert influence to halt the suffering of Palestinians in the blockaded Strip. This…

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Student Council Elections – the Palestinian Most Persistent Expression of Democracy

As the season of university councils’ elections comes to end, the Fatah-affiliated Shabibeh is emerging as the clear winner. But despite the long…

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New Palestinian Strugglers

The new Palestinian government was sworn in on Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr Mohammed Shtayyeh. The majority cabinet consists of Fatah members…

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Freedom of Speech in Palestine Under Attack as Authorities Crack Down on Activists

The case of popular Human Rights Defender Issa Amro, who currently stands trial in Palestine as well as Israel, highlights the dire situation of…

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Israeli cuts to Palestinian tax revenues may put the PA on the brink of collapse

While the Israeli government announces to withhold $138 million in Palestinian tax payers money, the Palestinian Authority might soon find itself on…

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Israel ends mandate of TIPH international monitoring forces in Hebron

In January 2019 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined the renewal of the mandate for the “Temporary International Presence in Hebron” (TIPH) and…

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Protests Against Social Security Law Highlight Mounting Concerns About PA’s Policies and Procedures

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Ramallah main square on 15 October 2018 to protest the implementation of the new social security law next month.…

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Ahed Tamimi's release highlights Israeli practices of imprisoning minors

On Sunday, 29 July, 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi was released from Israeli prison after serving an eight month sentence. Her case highlights Israeli…

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Palestinian security forces violently break up peaceful protest in Ramallah against the PA’s sanctions on the Gaza Strip

A wave of protests erupted in the West Bank against the PA's sanction policy against the Gaza Strip. The PA put down at least one of those protest by…

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US UNRWA Budgetary Freeze Threatens Agency’s and Palestinian Refugees' Future

Thousands of Palestinian protested in front of UNRWA representative offices in the West Bank and Gaza this week against the US’ recently announced…

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Palestinians' Access to 3G May Help Put Their Economy Back on Track but Does Not Remedy Years-worth of Lost Value

Palestinian telecommunications providers can finally supply their customers with 3G technology after years of applying for the services. While this…

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Recent Closure of Crossing Highlights the Vulnerability of the Humanitarian Situation in the Gaza Strip

During the last week, Israel unilaterally closed and reopened the Karem Abu Salem crossing (Kerem Shalom in Hebrew) between Israel and the occupied…

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Reconciliation process takes important next step with the Handover of Border Crossings

Hamas has handed over control of the border crossings in the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on 1 November, as stipulated in the…

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Newly approved Jewish settlements further endanger the ancient city of Hebron

For the first time since 2002, Israel’s civil administration has approved the construction of 31 new housing units in the Jewish settlement “Bet…

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Saeb Erekat Underwent a Lung Transplant, while the Peace Process is on Life Support

Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian long-time diplomat and chief negotiator, underwent a successful lung transplant operation in the US last week, according…

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Constant Attacks against Olive Pickers Proves Activity Is About More than Oil

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian farmers while they were harvesting olives near Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank on Wednesday, according…

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Unity cabinet meets in Gaza – Turning a new page in Fatah – Hamas relationship?

A delegation of the Palestinian Authority (PA), headed by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday, 2 October, to prepare…

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Gaza’s Water Crisis puts Region on the verge of an Ecological Catastrophe

The death of five-year-old Mohammed Al-Sayis from the Gaza Strip was recently reported by Al Jazeera English.

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Dissolution of Administrative Committee in Gaza Fuels Hope for Rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah

The announcement made on Sunday morning by Hamas declaring the dissolving of its administrative committee and the call to Fatah to assume governmental…

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Hebron Activist’s Arrest another Indication of the Deterioration of the State of Freedom of Speech in Palestine

Issa Amro, a prominent political and anti-settlement activist, was finally released on bail, Sunday; six days after Palestinian Security Forces…

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Palestinian National Library to Replace Hospitality Palace, Spurs Debate Rather than Celebration

The Presidential Guest Palace in Surda, near the West Bank city of Ramallah will be converted to a national Library, the Palestinian Minister of…

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Palestinian Journalists are under Threat from all Sides as PA cracks down on Media

Last week saw the crackdown of Palestinian Authority (PA) on several news websites in the Occupied Territories.

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Amid the GCC–Qatar crisis Hamas is Caught in the Eye of the Storm

As the Gulf States have been hit by the most serious diplomatic crisis in recent history, the effects on the Palestinian people remain most likely…

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After 50 Years of Occupation the Desire for Self-Determination Persists

"We were glued to the radio, listening to the news bulletins from Radio Cairo", writes Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, founder of PASSIA, a Palestinian think…

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As the Hunger-Strike Concludes its Achievements Remain Uncertain

The Palestinian prisoners' mass hunger-strike, the "Freedom and Dignity" strike, ended after 40 days last Saturday, after Palestinian sources reported…

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Gaza Fishermen Not Only Struggle for Their Livelihoods, but Also Fear for Their Lives

On Monday, 15 May, fisherman Mohammed Majid Bakr was shot by Israeli naval forces and succumbed to his wounds later the same day in an Israeli…

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Little Public Interest in Local Elections as Fatah Runs Largely Uncontested

Tomorrow will see the Occupied Palestinian Territory’s (OPT) first local elections since 2012. While the votes have not yet been cast, we are unlikely…

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After Months of Waiting, Abbas Finally Meets Trump

President of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas met with US President Donald Trump in the White House on Wednesday 3 May, the first such…

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Palestinian Cities Close Shop in Support of Detainees' Hunger Strike

During the second week of the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike led by Marwan Barghouti, this Thursday and Friday have been declared a day of…

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Passover and Easter Merges Politics and Religion in the Holy Land

While thousands of Palestinian Christians celebrated Easter throughout the occupied Palestinian territory last Sunday, Israeli-enforced restrictions…

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Amid Severe Salary Cuts Gazans Take to The Streets to Protest

This week witnessed large-scale public unrest in the besieged Gaza Strip which is likely to further aggravate Hamas and Fatah’s tense relationship at…

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Israel's Latest Claimed Assassination of Hamas' Military Wing Leader Could be the Final Drop

Israel is accused of assassinating a Hamas military leader in the Gaza Strip. This is the last in a series of security development that may lead in a…

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Outside Voices Quiet UN Report on Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians

A UN report describing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory as apartheid was pulled under the gaze of the world…

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The Shrinking Public Presence of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

One of the few remaining symbols of Palestinian political life in occupied East Jerusalem, the Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (MGIS)…

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The PA's Hidden Interest in Security Cooperation with Israel

The Israeli army shot and killed a Palestinian political activist, Basel al-Araj, 28, in a raid on al-Bireh city, a few hundred meters from the centre…

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The State Comptrollers Report – Passing the Buck once again?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under heavy pressure due to a report published by the State Comptroller Yosef Shapira on 28…

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The Rumours are Over – Fatah now has a second in command

For the first time in Fatah’s nearly 60-year history, the movement has finally established the position of Deputy Leader.

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Hamas' Internal Elections

The nomination of Yahya Sinwar as the new head of Gaza's politburo is a sign that Hamas' internal elections are well underway, with the election of…

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International Condemnation of New Israeli Regularisation Law - All bark but no bite?

The Israeli Knesset passed one of its most controversial bills in recent times, the so-called 'Regularisation Law', earlier this week.

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Blowin' in the Wind - Israel's indiscriminate spraying of weed killer highlights its approach to the Gaza Buffer Zone

On Tuesday, a few kilometers outside of the Palestinian city of Khan Yunis in the besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli aircraft sprayed the border area…

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Paris Peace Conference – the beginning or the end of an era?

On 15 January 2017, France held a multilateral peace conference in Paris with the goal of reinjecting life back into the frozen Middle East Peace…

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Israel’s Attempt to Revoke the Residency of Palestinian Jerusalemites Highlights a Policy of Collective Punishment

Israel will revoke the residency of 12 relatives of Jerusalem’s truck assailant, Al-Quds newspaper and Haaretz reported. The summons, received by the…

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